I've done dozens of bank transfers with other fellow Gumtree users, never worried much because I assumed nobody would be stupid enough to scam while providing their bank account and personal details. I asked for the money first, but he said he had bad experience sending money and not receiving and will send the money after I post tracking number (big mistake). I posted the items every time. the price I paid is waiting for a year to get my $300 back. DOxing would be if he posted it somewhere and asked people to enact vigilante justice on the scammer. 4) I went to my bank (commonwealth) and I was told that I would need to pay $50 to open a dispute. Not the scammer, as they are not compelled to pay back as they are serving their term. Fake Gumtree texts If you’ve got an account on Gumtree, then you might end up with a text asking you for personal information like passwords or bank details. I contacted the police in his state who said to report it online or call crime stoppers. If that gets you nowhere, phone his mum, and explain that you are about to take her son to court, which will provide him with a criminal record. Post on gay forum boards that there'll be a party at that house? @Make it so: Fair enough. Cash on delivery is good - but doesn't really suit everyone sometimes. no politics. Contacted Gumtree, my local police and the Australian scammers website (ACORN). I paid $200 for a set of interstate golf clubs and the seller sent them ok. On the other side of the coin, I bought the Mrs a 1st Edition of Peter Pan back in the UK through a random 2nd hand booksellers website…the woman selling actually sent it to me to verify it before I had even decided to buy, without me even asking her, bless. one would assume gumtree was designed purely for scam artists. But legal threats are OK (legal action, interest, etc), not criminal threats (violence, other criminal offences, etc). 2) I have plenty of information like you had. Delete it straight away, as Gumtree would never text asking this. Truck bed 8ft For sale is a used Chevrolet Silverado dually truck bed , rear bumper included . I tracked the package as delivered so he did get it. I was not informed of ACORN. Gumtree is notorious for it. or, Someone was scammed after I got scammed. Sounds like she's quite happy for the state to relieve her from the burden of his care. @TheBilly: You are saying as it was to solve my problem. One of the tenets of capitalism/economic Darwinism. and in most cases continues to happen with most people. Regarding this being a common scam, id be very suprised if theres many thats had this way of scamming happen.. If you have this evidence I would say this is enough to file a claim to your local court. Opinions/advice needed. Google "Bandidos Local Chapter" get a phone number and call them. Pharaoh03. The scammer sends a message to the Seller, asking the seller to email them. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-27/cybercrime-victims-on-... Not sure how efficiently my solar is running. And the deal was real. The scammer owed you money, who else would send a letter of demand? I have been scammed on gumtree. Follow up with the police, they should give you a reply in 7-14 days. I have made a payment of £85, via bank transfer for a car part. On Gumtree’s scam help page, they said: “An SMS message from a potential buyer asking you to respond on email could be a scam. This bed is white in color . He said that if I sent him the car he would pay me by Paypal when it arrived so I gave the keys to his mate who lives in Watford but he never paid. Sign in. The transaction occurs via email, where the scammer says they will pay via PayPal. I had the money in my bank transfered from pp within 5 days.. Ok Well, I have been scammed of 290 for an Iphone I know I am never going to receive, which I had bought for someone I had checked things out as it was on Gumtree, and I know its got no safety precations, but I chcked with the guy for his name, paypal address, email address, he even gave me an address but its clear its a scam. I guess your PC mind just jumped right there to assume a suggestion because ppl seem to like to find reason to be offended these days. I Got Scammed on Gumtree but I Have Scammer's Address. Bikies = members of a local motorcycle ("bike") gang who have powerful persuasive abilities. From whom? Keep it simple. I've never heard of such an occurrence and seriously doubt that either the victim's or the scammer's bank would offer such legal assistance. Sent money by bank transfer to gumtree advertiser, got ripped off. Tomorrow I will do it. Dude just report it to the police like 50 other people have said. So can I rely on the police or the ACORN to help? Write a letter of demand, you can find a sample letter of demand on http://financialrights.org.au/sample-letters/ send it via registered mail. Thankfully I would have been spared the snooty follow up, "By Thomas trusser I believe". If his own mum does not support him, she knows he is up to no good, and that he has probably done bad things before. I transferred $310 to person, to deliver to me a TV 55 inch 4k (yes, I know, dumb behaviour). Now that I have everything, what would you do if you were in my shoes? If she admits to his actions, it may make things easier. Always run good…but this time I missed the beat. And if he refuse to give back, there is nothing bank can do. They won't care, but not for that reason. I recently came across a popular Gumtree scam and felt it important to share so that others can avoid a similar situation. I come back here with further information. I will to the police first but I am sure they will say to report it on ACORN. Do you even have any piece of paper that proves the arrangement you had? I thought to good to his bank (his bsb is near my house) but the manager of my bank said this information is classified and I would not get any information there. Consider it a useful lesson which you are not about to forget. Someone has bought it after I got scammed. Did they? Your making me cringe. Or it happened to a fellow member of the force, a mate or family. Ridiculous! Dienk on 22/08/2017 - 17:11 Last edited 22/08/2017 - 18:47 by 1 other user. go to the police present all your information and ask them for advice. Didn't know that they charge $50 to lodge the dispute. The topic ‘Trying not to get scammed on Gumtree…’ is closed to new replies. Editor, Marcus Herbert. Source: Getty/Supplied “Gumtree specifically has a lot of these lurkers more so than other sites I use. 5.) A Swansea mum says she has been scammed out of almost £4,000 after selling a ring online. This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service. The scam artist got away with a free top range IPhone. ... Obviously the second he scammed me I didnt believe a word that came out of his scum mouth. You might also receive via text a response to your for-sale ad that looks a bit odd. Return on investment can be … Looks like your jar is full, move along, there's nothing for you here. Long story short, I was selling a macbook air and this scammer contacted me and told me 'she' had sent payment through. Got scammed on gumtree. I had the address of the guy, but I'm convinced now that the name was fake. Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. Checked the address on Google Maps… looked like a nice, rich house in the suburbs… some bad kid I suspect…, This was almost exactly 1 year ago… A fool and his money are soon parted. It's about sending a message. It also means not exploiting the current situation for commercial gain. Thanks. I feel like you don't understand what that means. Do not make threats. Then again, YMMV. Presumably because the process took a year but thanks to their experience we can probably do it a bit quicker. Got scammed on Gumtree. A contract be as small as a text message agreeing to sell said item for set price. failure to comply with gumtree T&C's means you have to resolve the problem. However it has been 2 weeks and I have not recieved the car part, and the seller does not answer his phone. I got my reply from the police in roughly a week and was informed that the scammer was jailed pending further police investigation and possible trials. Further, you will need to serve him the statement of claim, arrange for someone else to do this, or have the court post it to him. By Thomas trusser I believe. I know it should be here by now, as he lived only 100 miles away from me. If I was the OP my mother would have thrown that at me. User #133257 2086 posts. Hum..i need to search on google 'cause I dont know what it is. I will show it to the cops. Agreed. The details listed in your Gumtree conversations would be sufficient. You are too trusting. The man, believed to be in his forties, allegedly failed to pay for a … They would simply freeze the scammer's account and reverse the offending transaction. Then send him a non-threatening messages stating that you have contacted the police, and he can either give you back your money or you will pursue further legal action. I have done the report at ACORN but I don't believe it will be resulted in something. he says to pay buy bank transfer and they will be sent recorded post, also another person says i can pay buy paypal but it just seems dodgy to me check these links out and tell me what you think, thaaanking you 4.) I never either buy or sell on it. I sold 2 old phones to a guy who offered me a reasonable price. Opinions/advice needed. The payment happened through PayPal but not within GumTree's website. 4.) no politics. Posted by 4 hours ago. :). @Marco1993: I have an image of a serpent eating it's own tail in my head. What to Do? NO. i was looking to buy some sunglasses on gumtree and yes i know they are fake. You actually got your $300 back? Just go to the police and do not get yourself in trouble. Elizabeth Boudreaux, from Dunvant, had advertised a ring for sale on Gumtree for £4,000. People getting hypersensitive these days lol. I dealt plenty of time on gumtree. Since the perpetrator in my case was already identified and incarcerated for other scams, I presume the police is in full charge of the matter. But his job might be ripping off people on gumtree full time. You could go to his bank and give them the police report and reference number, it's classified information so only the police can deal with it. @Mintynovember: Knowledge is power; France is bacon. You would be surprised how much more powerful a mum can be compared to the police. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Highlight the relevant information neatly. Long story short: I transferred $310 to person, to deliver to me a TV 55 inch 4k (yes, I know, dumb behaviour). But see cops first and make sure he sold it to you not someone giving you his name. I have the seller's name, number and bank details, can I do anything with these? Looking for Recommendations on a Free Podcast App for iOS/Windows. So i brought an iphone from a seller on gumtree Australia. I have sold heaps and posted heaps to buyers never cheated anyone never will. I did not go to my bank as it was not a direct transfer. Posted by 4 hours ago. On Gumtree, this means being polite and observant when buying or selling. I know I shoulda done paypal etc, but one lapse of judgement i got scammed. Many occasions I sold to people on Gumtree who live interstate or just don't have time to meet via bank transfer (some items are over $100). Do not lie about anything. (Not that I would do it..). If the scammer's bank got involved (which they wouldn't), they wouldn't send their own customer a letter of demand. This bed fits 1981 Chevrolet Silverado C30 HD , long bed . 4. This is what I did: 1.) We don't as a general policy investigate the solvency of companies mentioned (how likely they are to go bust), but there is a risk any company can struggle and it's rarely made public until it's too late (see the. I transferred withdrew cash from bank A and deposited it into bank B. @Scrooge McDuck: The bank would help you send a letter of demand if you present everything in an orderly fashion. My Friends and i got scammed on gumtree? I transferred $ 310 to person delivers to me a TV 55 inch 4k. familiarise yourself with the latest version. Yes I know should not have paid but it is late now. @Scrooge McDuck: More likely than not, this tv does not even exist. I talked to her in facebook she said that I should go to the police and he deserves to be charged (unbelievable). Is Signed Credit Quote with Clawback Clause Legally Enforceable by The Broker? I need to pay $50 to open a dispute. You can then subscribe that number to all sorts of unsavoury things. My brother bought a $900 laptop on gumtree in a different state via bank deposit sight unseen and it arrived fine.