Talk to your boyfriend and explain to him that you are not ready for this puppy and you feel that you would not be able to enjoy having the pup. He's had 121 training from 8 weeks. Seems like a dead end, huh? But what about looking at the strengths and positive qualities of this dog? “Do not hold back when it comes to telling about any disabilities, health issues or behavior quirks. Would you pay $400 for a 'designer' puppy. A wonderful short book to get you started Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How To Start Your Puppy Off Right is just what you need right now. Puppies lower stress. As they are usually at the stage where they are actually paying me to give them a night’s sleep, this is particularly shortsighted. I couldn't imagine our household without this big goofy Shepard. How to act around people when you have company over and how to act around other dogs. Ideally, you’d do this before the pup comes home, but you can still do it after. Everyone is probably going to think I am a horrible person for saying this, but here goes. This does not mean you don't love dogs/animals. It was last reviewed for accuracy and updated Aug. 5, 2019. rehomed because of a domestic violence situation, pleaded after a number of animals were abandoned. He moved out and now the puppy is my full responsibility. I have heard alot of people say having a puppy is like having a new born child and I completely agree with this. The puppy learned to leave the older dog alone and the older dog got used to the puppy, now they are best friends. Check Now: Blue Buffalo • Science Diet • Purina • Wellness • 4health • Canine Carry Outs • Friskies • Taste of the Wild • See 200+ more brands…. As Best Friends says, “Be creative, positive and persistent” when rehoming your dog. But here’s the thing, my wife always wanted a dog. (This post was last modified: 02-02-2016, 01:01 AM by, How long before seperate puppy from mother dog, Teaching a 9 month old puppy bite inhibition. As a solution to their puppy’s … well, puppy behavior, they lock it in a crate for hours on end. I think you should tell your boyfriend that you do not want to be a dog owner at this point of your life. Adopting a puppy isn’t easy. He was a fear biter and was not disciplined at all. Don't get down on yourself!! Puppies can be supportive in stressful times. First, get prepared. Make sure to contact them to find out if they are legitimate and if they accept dogs. I like cats, I don’t personally want a dog. We appreciate your service to our country and want you to be able to keep your pet! Many puppy purchase contracts require an exam within that time frame as well. If they’re at capacity, though, animal control is where they might send you. Does your dog go crazy if they see a cat? 3. Warm up your puppy's food by zapping it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so, which can unlock the food's aroma and pique your pup’s appetite. When you visit a shelter to look for your furever pup, they’re going to put their best paw forward. Now 2 years later he is my buddy! It is shut up while they are out, while they are busy, and while they are asleep. I would strongly agree with the other posters who suggested you think long and hard about this. That’s important to make sure he’s in good health. Bully breeds can be targeted for dogfighting rings, and smaller dogs could be sought after for “baiting” these dogs. You need to be honest with yourself and your boyfriend about all of this. I'd give it some time though since 3 days isn't long enough for your 2 year old to get used to the puppy. “the pound”) are run by the local government. I love her so much but now that I got her home with me I’m regretting it some. Most of them will accept any animal — but the trade-off is they sometimes have to euthanize unadopted animals. I understand your problem. Some of these places may offer adoption services or allow the animals to live out their lives at the sanctuary forever. This nonprofit organization finds temporary boarders for military pets until their families come home. We now have an ebook inspired by the Puppy Help emailers. Spike your puppy's regular food with yogurt or cottage cheese for another good way to tempt your dog to eat or offer a small amount of a stinky canned product with high meat or fat content. This article was originally published in 2012 and is regularly updated. Please do not ever take this out on the puppy because it is not his fault. It's a lot, a lot of work. I don’t love my puppy. Friends have no sympathy. 6 year old dog has the energy of a puppy! I think you need to speak to your boyfriend and ask him if he knows what he is getting himself into, does he have enough time to devte to the dog and does he know the impact it will have on your relationship. You don’t have the patience. Sometimes these are the things that potential adopters particularly respond to.”. And once he got him more i didn't want the puppy there. It’s a shame you don’t want your dog anymore, but sometimes it simply can’t be helped. How cruel! If you have tried all other options, animal control may be the last place you can bring your dog. New puppy owners are often totally taken aback by this and wonder what on earth is wrong with their pup - the answer is 'nothing'! A big dog definitely isn't for anyone. Don't fret my dear and I hope you finally decide on keeping that dog for good. “There are many animals needing homes at any one time, so finding a home can take some work. Therefore I would not enter into this decision lightly as it is time consuming and hard work. Taking your dog to an animal shelter is another option. They think you are ungrateful. Some pups are crated for almost 20 hours a day for this reason. You must know that everything happens for a reason and you might not expect that your dog will be a blessing in disguise. It's basically a developmental phase. Reply. Just surrender your puppy to your boyfriend. If you bought your pup through a newspaper ad, then you bought from a BYB and you probably don't want to give it back to that kind of environment, where … Bathe and groom your dog so they look their best. They may have a bulletin board where they post information about animals available for adoption.”. A lot of people don't realize that and get a puppy because they are so cute. So maybe if you give it some time and try to bond with your pup. You should not think negatively about what future that dog will lead you into. In this emotional video, Lex explains why she’s rehoming her dog and shares what she has learned through her experience so far: Whatever your reasons, if you’ve decided you don’t want your dog anymore, please take the above suggestions into consideration. First thing is, if you really arent a horrible person, you wouldn't let your dog be a problem, hence, just learn to love him. I'm sorry that you regret getting your puppy. Gizzy Gazza 40,699 views. I don’t want to but I have school and I’m tired. We got a pandemic puppy back in March and, I hate to say it, but it was a major mistake. As Allison Gray says in her article “Why ‘Free to a Good Home’ Ads Must Die”: “We’d all like to assume that we’re great judges of character and can see a monster coming a mile away. If you want to get the puppy into a loving home that is ready for it, I suggest you bring her to a shelter, as puppies are adopted nearly right away. So keep this information in mind if you’re interested in enhancing play time with your dog, or if you or someone you know are a potential adopter. But some monsters aren’t that terrifying on the outside. Natural death, don't kill them! If you wait too long and decide later that you don't want her, it will be very difficult to find her a new home as people don't typically want older dogs that already have set habits and attachments. Sometimes dogs are not a good fit with your lifestyle, so please be realistic before adopting a pet. The above example was similar to a story we heard recently about Mike, a Boxer/pit mix. Look for a loving family to adopt the pet, someone who will give its 100% love and affection. Walking your dog is one of the most important but also delicate moments of the day.Exercising your dog is essential to channeling its energy and have it release accumulated tensions, while also using the time to relieve itself. Additionally, many rescue groups take dogs who might be considered less adoptable by some shelters, such as dogs who are older or have special needs.”. I feel so sorry about you not feeling good about getting your puppy but getting a puppy is a serious deal and a lot of people do it so casually but it takes serious thought and consideration. By the end of week one, you may be getting a little concerned. “Photos and descriptions really help people make a connection to an animal,” says Best Friends Animal Society. I don’t want to have to take her back though. She had no where to leave her dog for a few months, couldn't take it with her but didn't want to give up the dog. Maybe your plans aren't really for you that's why all this is happening. “By all means, let us try to help you before you just drop and give up on the animal,” an animal control official in Georgia pleaded after a number of animals were abandoned and left to die on a dirt road. He seems more inclined to walk when the rest of the family is around, but not when If you wait too long and decide later that you don't want her, it will be very difficult to find her a new home as people don't typically want older dogs that already have set habits and attachments. It's sad to hear you regret keeping the dog, but it is understandable as to why you don't want the pet anymore. You cared enough about your dog to give them a home — now give them a good chance of finding their next one. I am sorry you feel this way about having the puppy. Although puppies don’t have bills to pay or life-sucking jobs to rush off to, it’s important to recognize that they can still experience stress. There is no shortcut through the puppy period. Like the outbreak of Parvovirus in London UK in June 2017 . ... ASAP because I may need to tell my parents I need to return him. You had expected to fall madly in love with your puppy, yet right now, you are not even sure if you like him. I gave her the aforementioned “reasons I don’t want a dog” list, told her I couldn’t do it and, eventually, she stopped bringing it up. Dear Bark: Why doesn’t my puppy like walks? Sometimes dogs are not a good fit with your lifestyle, so please be realisti… I don't know anyone else with a dog. How to help: It’s important to get your puppy to the vet as soon as possible if you notice any of these symptoms. i got a new puppy and i dont want him anymore i wanted him so bad before but now i want to get rid of him and idk why!! So please try to find a no-kill shelter first. The dog could contract a disease and possibly spread it. It does not sound like you are prepared to really give this dog all the attention and training he needs. Within about three weeks she regretted it. Please try again later. You can’t teach your dog all the things in the world you don’t want him to do). If after a … Pets take a lot of care and responsibility and it is apparent that you are not willing or ready to do either for the puppy. I just can’t handle it anymore ... it’s so much work, and not much reward right now. No dog would give you a horrible time if you would love and accept him. Many people use newspapers and online listings to offer their dog to a good home for free. Give him a chance. It could be that a co-worker’s father’s neighbor’s daughter is looking for a new pet.”. If you’re considering taking your dog to the shelter, keep in mind that some dogs will not cope well in confined areas for long periods of time. Stressed out? I actually resented the little puppy. Unless he needs to go potty, walk away calmly if he starts to whine or bark. He loves scent work. During those long days, a bored 3-month-old Mike had been left home alone with nothing to do. Be sure to add in any health problems or medications, as well as the last known date of vaccinations. Breed-specific rescues often pull dogs from shelters and animal control offices, so going straight to the rescue may give your dog a better chance of getting a permanent home faster: Animal sanctuaries may exist in your area. Young puppies get over-tired and over-stimulated easily, and their immature nervous systems don't know how to deal with this overload. I Got a Dog – What Was I Thinking? I'm very sorry to hear that but I think you shouldn't include the dog with your relationship problems with your boyfriend. It may turn out to be the dog you wanted. I agreed because he really wanted him. He did not want to be on anyone's lap, did not want to be held. I agree with the others and what you said about this dog being innocent and needing a good home. In fact, my advice would be to find it a good home, other than yours. It is so disheartening to come home to your house covered in wee and things that have been destroyed. … Try to write a description “that describes the pet’s personality, habits and some of the little things that make this animal special,” Best Friends adds. The dog could also stay there waiting for you to return or try to run back home. If your dog isn’t neutered, they could contribute to the pet overpopulation problem. Or perhaps your pet needs to be rehomed because of a domestic violence situation. Let’s look at some typical scenarios. However last year we got our first puppy, I honestly did not understand the amount of work it would take. Well, pets are a huge responsibility, especially dogs because they can get hyper. Often, military members get orders to go to a location or base and can’t take their pet with them because of pet policies or breed bans. You two definitely need to come to an agreement. If you want pup to be free but don't want to chase after him while you are home, you can also clip him to yourself using a six-foot leash some, so that he has to stay near you and not wander near your other dog. You are not living a lie like most people do only to turn into mercenaries behind closed doors. The first two years will require you to work with your new dog to teach him the rules and how to behave like a good little boy or girl. Give him a few weeks to settle, and make sure you give him alot of love and affection, so he knows that he is welcome in your household. Many, many puppies act this way. Hopefully they’ve made friends in doggie heaven ️ Reply Whatever the reason for not keeping your dog, please read through the suggestions below before deciding on a course of action. The above example was similar to a story we heard recently about Mike, a Boxer/pit mix. YIKES! It's better to admit that you aren't ready for the responsibility and that you want to focus on yourself and your relationship with your boyfriend. Or search for the name of your dog’s breed + “rescue” and your state name. You also might have arrived home with your new pet only to be told “no way” by your partner. My puppy has no problems with other dogs because I have a 3 year old border collie at home, but I dont want her to not get alone with his dog forever. I regret getting a puppy and I don't know what to do. My partner and I ended up breaking up. If you know your dog has anxiety or confinement issues, you may want to consider another option. She did not realize that he would take so much work (he came from an abusive situation). Try to spread the word far and wide. The fact that you are admitting it really shows your maturity and ability to know yourself. Your puppy is used to snuggling up with those 3, 6, or 10 warm, furry, littermates - suddenly being alone is a … I know you seem okay with your decision now, but you need to put a lot of thought into this commitment. in my opinion you shouldn't buy back the puppy, but they should simply give it back. Municipal animal control facilities (a.k.a. I too am sorry for the position that you are in. Mary and Joe Smith may sound like ideal pet parents, but they could also be animal abusers or pose as a front to an animal testing service or clinic. Their love and affection has even been known to lower blood pressure. Just like people, however, a dog's adjustment period will vary from dog to dog — some dogs will get back on an eating schedule in a matter of days, while others may take weeks to get back on track. But after about a month I fell in love with him. I don’t know what to do. In Google play. The less work the veterinary techs or rescue personnel have to do, the faster your dog can get on the list for adoption. If you really cannot stand the puppy and has no time and affection for caring, I would suggest that you convince your boyfriend to give the puppy to somebody who would love to have it. If you haven’t got time, don’t get a puppy. I can't take him off the lead for the toilet. The right family won’t mind paying this fee. “As purebred rescue groups remove ‘their’ breed from a shelter, they free up a run and buy time for another dog. “Tell anyone and everyone about the pet that needs a home and ask friends, co-workers and family members to help with spreading the word. Search your location + “animal sanctuary” to find one near you. I love my dog and although it was hard work, I wouldn't change him for anything, he is toilet trained, independant and very loving, and it is very easy to forget all the stress that was caused. Dumping a dog somewhere is a terrible option that comes with plenty of hazards. You can only bite what you can afford to chew. Mike was returned to the shelter by his adoptive family, who had really wanted a cute puppy like him but ended up having to work 10-hour days. This feature is not available right now. Sit back and relax…. Or maybe your pup is being “bullied” by other pets in your home — don’t underestimate the cat! Instead of “free,” consider charging a small rehoming fee if you list your dog online. Here are a few options for finding your pet a new home. Some dog behavior problems can be resolved with: Other problems, such as someone in your house being allergic to the pet, can be difficult to control. Post high-quality photos and a detailed description of your pet on social media to try to get the word out. Shouldn’t you? will help you deal with challenges like house training, puppy biting, and bonding. You are essentially taking care of a child. A Rotty is a big responsibility, when he gets older, if he is not disciplined and trained well, he may be too much for you to handle. My mother-in-law adopted a chihuahua from a local rescue. We don’t like this because of the risks. Having a dog is a big responsibility. And don’t stop at just friends and family, the group says. We only know when herd immunity fails, and an outbreak of disease occurs. He moved out and now the puppy is my full responsibility. You have to teach them everything from going to the bathroom outside instead of inside. As former shelter worker Allison Gray explains, “A good shelter’s staff will understand and won’t try to shame you.”, “Although your local shelter may not be able to adopt out the pet, they may be able to offer other assistance,” says Best Friends. Have fun. Me and my boyfriend have just got an 8 week old rottie pup and I am already regretting this decision before I have even spent more than 5 minute with her. I often wind up picking him up and carrying him, but even that freaks him out. Funny Dogs Who Don't Want To Take A Bath - Try Not To Laugh ... WE GOT A PUPPY! During those long days, a bored 3-month-old Mike had been left home alone with nothing to do. Always have a second opinion to every situation. We got a pandemic puppy back in March and, I hate to say it, but it was a major mistake. “Some have low-cost spay/neuter clinics or offer obedience-training classes. Never assume someone will find your dog and take care of them. His dog also has epilepsy and so when he gets worked up we get very worried about him having a seizure so we usually separate them and give him his space. Please Don't Bring Your Dogs Into Stores! if there were no health issues, problems, or "defects" in the puppy then there's no need … I know it because he is a baby and was just taken away from in mom and siblings. However, he doesn’t enjoy going on walks around the neighborhood. You can find Dog Decoder app in itunes. This is the basic stuff to get in order before you do anything else. My partner and I ended up breaking up. We’ve been married for over a decade, and during the first several years of our marriage, she asked for a dog all the time. - Duration: 5:22. Bottom line: If you’ve considered dropping your dog off down the road somewhere, please don’t do it. If you want to get the puppy into a loving home that is ready for it, I suggest you bring her to a shelter, as puppies are adopted nearly right away. One of my dogs is my emotional support dog but they still count him where I live. He loves to play inside the house, and to sit in front of our house. If you’re getting stationed and don’t know what to do with your dog, check out Dogs on Deployment. Problems don't have to do with just the dog, we want to know about family situations. … For example, Our Companions, an animal sanctuary situated on 47 acres of rural land in Manchester, Connecticut, says it takes in “dogs and cats with medical and/or behavioral challenges.”, “These animals are given the time and skilled guidance to recover, have a calm and rewarding life, and make progress toward finding their forever homes.”. After a good sleep I feel a lot better about my decision. If your normally affectionate pup becomes anti-social and doesn’t want to be touched or runs away or hides from you, he could be in pain or suffering from an injury. The next thing I learn is, “I don’t want the dog in the bedroom”. Don’t let him out until he’s being quiet. He literally runs off and chews sticks/eats slugs etc. What do you do if you don’t want your dog anymore? Well, I appreciate your honesty and pragmatism. Which they are. I’ve got news for you, training a puppy takes time and requires quite a big commitment from you. The dogs themselves might be very open to the idea of play if properly introduced. Maybe you’ve got a full house for the holidays, which can stress out anyone! If none is listed, search for another state and contact them — sometimes. Mike was returned to the shelterby his adoptive family, who had really wanted a cute puppy like him but ended up having to work 10-hour days. Hey just got my puppy today and she has peed, pooped, cry. You’ll want to get your pup to the veterinarian within 48 hours of bringing him home.

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