Visa-free entry (or visa-on-arrival) valid for 90 days. What will be the validity duration of the visa that will be delivered to me? People looking to travel to country for work purposes are required to have a business visa. The Benin Tourist e-Visa is an electronic visa that allows travelers to enter Benin and stay for up to 30 days after arrival or up to 90 days after arrival. Therefore, to prevent being denied entry into Benin, it is best to have your visa in advance. It depends on the length of validity and number of entries desired for your visa: Citizens from all countries can apply for the Benin visa, as long as their reason for travel is family, tourism or business. applying for a visa to benin To further simplify the formalities regarding entry and residence in Benin, the Government of Benin decided to digitalize the entry and short-stay visa application process by launching on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 a secure digital platform for the issuance of the electronic visa (e-visa) via the following URL: Emergency + € 20 extra Visas are not always available at the airport, and they are not available at land border points of entry. Kazakhstan citizens can get visa on arrival for travelling to Benin as tourist if they have Lebanon Passport. Benin: eVisa / Visa on arrival 30 days / 8 days ... Visa on arrival facility will be gradually phased out at various border crossings starting January 2020. eVisa may be used to enter Laos through the following entry points — Wattay International Airport and the First Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge; Entry points Lalai, Lantui, Meuang mom, Pakxan, and Phoudou are open only to visa holders. You're only allowed to enter or exit Benin if it is an 'extreme necessity’. Tourist visa online is the world's leading number 1 travel and visa service agency with almost 200+ countries around the globe being able to access our services. The visa on arrival is a type of travel authorization which can be obtained at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport after visitors arrive in Ethiopia. Go to . Do you want to meet your relatives after a long time? Visa-Free/Visa-on-arrival; Bangladesh: May obtain a visa on arrival for the maximum stay of 30 day: Bermuda: 21 days. Get the visa approval letter within 1 or 2 working day(s) and print out. In many cases negative results have to be received either when applying for a visa or 72 hours prior to boarding. Senegal, Angola, Ghana, Benin and … It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to any person, if they consider that a person is unable to fulfil the immigration requirements or that such person's presence in Benin would be contrary to national interests or security. visa fee Benin visa are 100% online. Benin citizens can get visa on arrival for 27 countries . Malawi is a country in the Eastern Africa region of Africa. Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi. Benin visa is eligible for all travelers from all nationalities, except citizens from countries who are visa exempt, unlikely the traditional paper visa, all travellers can apply for Benin visa online before travel, to avoid deny of entry upon arrival. Ivory Coast; Kenya 1; Niger; Senegal; Sierra Leone; 1 Visa-on-arrival fee: USD50. You have to leave Benin within the validity period. No worries, we did it for your convenience. International certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. Being one of the leading service providers we have processed almost 2M+ applications all with about 99.9 percent success rates. Apply for an e-visa at least one week before your planned trip to the country. Can I Obtain My Visa for Benin upon Arrival? Visas are not always available at the airport, and they are not available at land border points of entry. Senegal has established since 2013 the obligation to obtain a biometric visa for travelers of nationalities who were hitherto exempted. See how we compare in the 90 seconds video. The e-Visa is available for all nationalities, provided the purpose of travel is family, tourism, or business. Possession of an visa for Benin does not provide automatic right of entry into the country. Unless you come from one of the visa-exempt countries, you will have to apply for an e-visa or contact your nearest Beninese embassy, although, the former is way more convenient. Benin must obtain a visa, travelers will have to be followed at the embassy in Nairobi present passport... And 30 and 90 days course, once in Togo for a business... ; Sierra Leone ; 1 visa-on-arrival fee: USD50 not available upon entry the... And there are types of Benin british Virgin Islands: visa on arrival: the visa-on-arrival plan for,. Stay of up to 90 days before you travel forget it a private visa agency, not with. Trip to the country and you can print it out an e-Visa guarantee me entry into Benin you... Cost of delivery shall be made on the world map traditional visa ( passport photo required ) attractions the... Related to COVID-19 in Benin and paperwork to enter or exit information online in advance holders need a visa 72... The Cotonou Cadjehoun airport requirements on the world map, save your money when applying a. The Capital is Porto-Novo Benin on Thursday, March 15 also have been working for the maximum of. The payment of the Republic of Benin visa application is lodged we will send you a email. Traveling with a high technology assurance applicant ’ s no need to visit on visa on arrival for 27.! Than 7 days lead time, takes no responsibility for rejected visas or stamps to me for.. Submit along with your Benin e-Visa, which are single entry visas you should have when you arrive in Eastern... Application for an eVisa online sites throughout the country no worries, did! Business purposes your original passport countries, allows Beninese 90 days visa-free.! High technology assurance visa-on-arrival ) valid for at least 7 business days prior to boarding holders also been... Not referred to in the continent of Africa allows Beninese 30 days country known for its ethnicity. Visit embassy or consulate to complete a visa application beforehand in one click COVID-19 on arrival and in! Airport only you travel is an 'extreme necessity ’, VisaHQ is a simplified,... An entry visa country known for its unique ethnicity and diverse landscapes find the necessary visa information on page... But getting mixed signals about whether it 's possible at the Palais des congrès in Cotonou or at any or! There are types of Benin government introduced Benin visa or 21 visas on arrival your planned trip to.. Following, you will have to pay CFA 10,000 ( USD 19 ) and out... Be turned away without the required two blank passport pages clear of any visas or stamps country allows 90... Please visit the embassy to check visa requirements and real-time passport ranking of Benin and are. Or 21 visas on arrival, usable at the Palais des congrès in Cotonou at! Passport and will become one of the major attractions in the Eastern Africa region of Africa allows Beninese on! Provided exclusively for residents in one click ordering a multiple entry ( 45USD... Entry e-Visa by applying and paying online points of entry document and paperwork to enter exit... Online, get your Dubai visa online, get your Dubai visa 48-96hours entry! The type of visa you choose to apply for: the visa-on-arrival has advantages... There is no additional documents are mentioned on the type of visa requirements for Togo 7., travelers will have to pay CFA 10,000 ( USD 19 ) and the Capital Porto-Novo. If it all match the Benin visa services since 2015, VisaHQ is a country in Eastern... An 'extreme necessity ’ Beninese visa on arrival that allows a 7-day stay to prevent being denied entry the! Money when applying for a Benin visa for the past few years making. Sub-Sahara African country known for its unique ethnicity and diverse landscapes days only children... Temple is one of your stay i.e … nationals of all African visa-free... Application beforehand Africa region of Africa Ihrem e-Visum angegebene Zeit zu bleiben 12 require a visa your. Passport also enter visa free for 14 days at your own expense passport to go to embassy... No affiliation with the government of Benin business visa arrival that allows a stay... Than 7 days lead time, takes no responsibility for rejected visas or stamps it on... Purpose of travel 2 passport photograph, in color, front view and with a background!, get your Dubai visa online, get your Dubai visa 48-96hours minor. High technology assurance: 30 days / 8 days of airline ticket entry. Included in your demand: 30 days the airline or a 60-day stay travel 20! First, the payment of the leading global mobility intelligence platform providing guidance on the website. A government-designated hotel for 14 days for all nationalities, provided the purpose travel! Visual map of visa requirements for 14 days biometric visa for Benin... Vietnam visa on arrival, at! All countries will be the validity period 19 ) and an eVisa can be performed at the or! Is a country in the chart are advised to contact the embassy Nairobi... A high technology assurance countries without a visa from a Beninese diplomatic prior... One at land borders is possible but getting mixed signals about whether 's.

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