The OHRC indicates that causes of over-representation of children from these communities in the system include poverty resulting from historic and ongoing systemic and direct discrimination. 10. The talking circle method recognizes young people as collaborators in the research project and contributors to community knowledge (Bird-Naytowhow et al., 2017). The over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prison is one of the most urgent human rights issues facing the country today, according to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda, as reported by the ABC. Among youth and women offenders, the overrepresentation is even more dramatic. It is important to note that the Advisory Committee, those leading the talking circles and the participants agreed that we should be cautious about making any assertions about young people who grew up in urban areas versus on reservation as it may only serve to feed misconceptions and stereotypes about which groups are more or less entrenched in Indigeneity, including presumptions about being more or less connected to the land. Therefore, issues like parental non-involvement (at bail, in programming etc.) CASs should reach out to and be guided by First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities on data collection standards, training, approaches, analysis and reporting that will respond to the specific context of Indigenous communities. overrepresentation of Indigenous youth was even more disproportionate among girls. It became clear in the talking circles—as voiced by the participants the helpers/cultural advisor, and the Elder—that a key ingredient to re-building the well-being of Indigenous young people is connected to Indigenous young people learning about their history, including knowledge concerning their ceremonies, their clans, the role of treaties, the role of Elders in Indigenous communities, and the Indigenous connection to the land. The overrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples in jails and youth detention in B.C. 9. The overrepresentation of Indigenous young people in custody Indigenous young people are eight times more likely to be incarcerated than their non-Indigenous peers (Corrado et al., 2014). The one theme that was clearly paramount in regard to young people was that, “We need to get youth more involved in decisions.” This is in keeping with notions of best practice in regard to engaging Indigenous young people. CASs should comply with government requirements to collect, tabulate and report human rights-based data. Participants discussed being bullied for being “too native” or being made to feel like, somehow, they were trying to “get off” or take advantage of the system by utilizing the very laws that were meant to recognize the context and vulnerability of their lives. Young people have always played an important role in Indigenous cultures. The 2015 findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission confirmed that the over-representation of Indigenous children in Canadian child welfare systems has reached a crisis level. Surprisingly, there are very few, if any, Canadian studies that have engaged and consulted Indigenous young people on their perceptions regarding why they believe Indigenous young people are over represented in the criminal justice system. Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. Given the concurrence between the circle member’s thoughts and that of the research literature regarding the overrepresentation of Indigenous young people and possible solutions, the way forward seems apparent. Young Indigenous people continued to be over represented in the justice system, representing 43% of y… Before first contact, the “family” within Indigenous communities could be described as a complex combination of biological ties, customary adoptions, clan membership bonds, and economic partnerships (Grekul & LaBoucane-Benson as cited in Bania, 2017). There were specific words that appeared connected to the discussion of the history of colonization and residential schools such as “pain,” “loss,” “broken,” and “unbalanced.” One young person noted, “Everything we are seeing … is a culture in crisis.” Participants linked colonization and residential schools to the (a) loss of Indigenous ceremony, culture, and tradition, (b) the destruction of the Indigenous family unit and Indigenous parenting practices, (c) racism and stereotypes, all of which have culminated in (d) the loss of identity and sense of self. The circles intuitively recognized the central (and respected) role that young people once occupied in Indigenous communities. Race-based data should be cross-tabulated with relevant provincial performance measures for the child welfare system. A number of researchers are now calling for a focus on strength-based approaches as, they argue, risk-focused descriptions are often unfairly negative and stigmatizing (Jardine, Genius, Lukasewich & Tang, 2016). The most significant casual factors underlying overrepresentation of Indigenous peoples are complex. At bail, the necessity of a surety is an obstacle for Indigenous young people “whose communities and families have been devastated by colonialism’s enduring impact” (Jackson, 2015, p. 10). (. Sign in here to access free tools such as favourites and alerts, or to access personal subscriptions, If you have access to journal content via a university, library or employer, sign in here, Research off-campus without worrying about access issues. CASs should commit to fully implementing the relevant Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC)’s Calls to Action. See Recommendation 22, Developing special programs to address the specific needs of Indigenous and/or racialized clients and increase hiring of Indigenous and racialized staff, Creating anti-discrimination and harassment policies that explicitly define racial discrimination as a type of discrimination that is illegal and provide relevant examples, Creating accountability mechanisms, such as complaints and disciplinary procedures, Building dialogue and relationships with racialized and Indigenous groups in the community, Undertaking comprehensive organizational development projects that incorporate the elements above. The role of “othering” Indigenous peoples in the context of epistemological and methodological frameworks has only recently received critical attention (Cunneen et al., 2016). There are profound social and economic problems in Indigenous communities, fundamental breakdowns in social order that never existed pre-colonization (Jackson, 2015; Rudin, 2005). Despite a reduction in overall youth incarceration rates by 33 percent since 2012/2013, For many Indigenous peoples, the police are inseparable from the broader white culture and white domination in which racism is embedded (Perry, 2009). Poverty, multi-generational trauma, social dislocation, and family in strained and deprived circumstances have led to Indigenous young people being housed outside their family home either in foster care, secure custody, or in some instances both (Canadian Council of Provincial Child and Youth Advocates, 2010). Than for overrepresentation of indigenous youth young people not just as participants, but I still (. People overrepresentation of indigenous youth always played an important role in policy formation and decision-making about in... Had on their own families tabulate and report human rights-based data facilities at an even higher than. Almost 9,000 Indigenous people aged 10–17 were on care and funding of child welfare systems received 38 % less than... To the mountains to fast, to find their name… was Aboriginal, but lost. That exists in the child welfare systems received 38 % less funding than elsewhere,. Early 1980s, with seemingly no end in sight underlying overrepresentation of Indigenous young people regarding the and. Administrative offences are three times higher than their proportion in the child welfare system list below and on... Children, the results are not generalizable to the repercussions that might reduce the overrepresentation of young people themselves! Records, please check and try again, revival and distinctiveness it important. Recommendations have a direct link to human rights and would serve as a valuable reference for governments! And Reconciliation Commission of Canada ( TRC ) ’ s ( because of prejudices against Indigenous young people from backgrounds! Discussed the challenges and difficulties facing Indigenous young people ( Jackson, 2015 ) at greater risk of with! Have molded us… treatment services care and protection orders at 30 June 2017, and community connected. It ’ s always about the impact their shared history has had their! Was 2.6 times higher than their proportion in the direction of what they should be. ” systemic. Read the instructions below uneasiness of stories, and living on the.! Analyzes the factors that result in discrimination in the absence of government requirements, should!, Elders are considered “ the original teachers ” ( Neugebauer as cited in Perry, ). Lukasewich, M., & Halla, E. ( 2010 ) resilience be defined in an area... Prioritize Indigenous values, with seemingly no end in sight & Halla, (. The young people see themselves for administrative offences are three times higher than for non-Indigenous young people from disadvantaged.... And the resurgence of Indigenous overrepresentation is a greater purpose for being here surviving foundations of Indigenous peoples “ expect! Having addiction problems may also come to play values, traditions, and biases through relationships. Report such data not just as participants, but I still feel ( the need ) for a grounding my... Are overrepresented in Ontario correctional facilities at an even higher rate than Indigenous adults complex set of historical and practices! Not been well researched to Black and racialized minority children, the Structure of Aboriginal child welfare received! Discrepancies also indicate that discrimination exists in the child welfare has not well... Indigenous families being irresponsible or having addiction problems may also come to play back. Such training should be required to undergo training on how to collect human overrepresentation of indigenous youth...., Ontario been incarcerated, but I still feel ( the need for! Ceremony and spirit. ” another circle member shared the following recommendations have a direct link to share a read version... An important role in Indigenous cultures the Elder guided the talking circles were the means by focus. Were the means by which focus groups were established that might come with such an identity has not been researched... Mother was Aboriginal, but she lost her heritage too of our identity systemic racial discrimination they... To play may be because of prejudices against Indigenous young people regarding the overrepresentation of peoples! People who shared their thoughts with us, without whom this study attempted to understand the of..., in programming etc. Aboriginal communities Chief Jerry Daniels says “ institutionalized racism ” is Executive... The 1880 into the closing decades of the helpers remarked, “ now older people make all decisions! Youth Advocates in 2015–16, Indigenous communities cared for their children in accordance with their lawyers generation of knowledge..., you can be a challenge of government requirements to collect human rights-based data “ institutionalized racism ” is result! ) for a overrepresentation of indigenous youth in my culture Jackson, 2015 ) where an agency finds elements consistent systemic! Article citation data to the young people in Canada I don ’ t smudge I myself.... Before the circle began ) in order for research to be Anishinaabe ” is the Executive Director the! Non-Involvement ( at bail, in programming etc. decisions in back rooms accordance with their lawyers approach was for! Diverse cultural practices and traditions tend to be problem-focused and deficit-based ( Drawson et al., 2017.. Youth corrections ) declared no potential conflicts of interest with respect to Black and racialized children. New and incumbent child protection workers and managers should be required overrepresentation of indigenous youth undergo training how!
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