Stops on a dime and gives ya 9 cents change!

November 1st, 2010

Yeah, that’s what my Stout can do. Actually, it could do that before, too, but after having a bike with disc brakes, and not having to deal with wet rims and rim brakes, I decided to swap the brakes on my Stout.

I received a set of Avid BB7’s last Friday afternoon, with 185mm rotors. The ad showed the rotors as being Avid CleanSweep’s, but I received the Roundagons. My original intention was to swap a 160mm off the front of my Specialized and run 185’s on the front of it and my Stout, and 160’s on the back. Since these came as Roundagons…I just put them both on the Stout.

As for the brakes, I am very happy with them. They did squeal a little but they are still new, and I barely took any time adjusting on them before I left to ride. I was bummed to have to swap the brake cable housings (until I can find a longer set of brown ones), but the black housings that I had leftover from upgrading stuff on my Iguana worked just fine!

I’ll post a pic with the new brakes soon.

Saturday 10/16

October 18th, 2010

Nothing like being late in posting, but…Saturday, I was feeling pretty cruddy. Was coughing up nastiness and didn’t have the lung capacity to ride like I wanted to. I did, however, pick up Aaron and met up with Rey, and rode a 4.5Mi loop at Sac.

The original intent was to pick Aaron up at 7:15, and meet Rey out there at 7:30, but the times got pushed back an hour. Good thing, too, because we got out there just as a charity run was finishing up.

We rode out and back, and my lung capacity was not able to handle riding much farther. In the craziness at Aaron’s house, he forgot to grab his head bucket, so he was overly cautious and it robbed him of some of the fun.

I also forgot to set the “everytrail” to log the ride, but it was pretty close to this one, with the exception that we came out the same direction we rode in.

Sac river w Mike Brown at EveryTrail
EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in Missouri

White River Valley Trail – Branson

October 14th, 2010

Rode this on Monday night, and only got the “red” loop done, due to time.

Solo at EveryTrail
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Singlespeed at Sac

October 10th, 2010

Yesterday, I met up with Aaron Wahlquist and Rey Collantes and rode the Sac River Trail. Since running into Rey out there a month or so ago, he’s joined us each week. This week was a little different tho, as I took my first trip at Sac on my new SE Racing “Stout” singlespeed.

I had been quite concerned, not knowing if I would be pushing more than peddling, since it is geared higher than what I am used to riding Sac at. I will have to say this…I only pushed twice…after I got stuck going up two hills. Both were simple “wrong line choice” issues that I know I can clear next time. The only other thing I missed was going up the ledge, I attacked just a little too soon, and ran out of pedal power at the wrong time, but that was a timing issue. I’ll nail that next time too!

I changed my riding style just a little, so I could attack the hills a little better, but Rey and Aaron both were giving me a hard time about me riding faster than normal. I have to admit, I didn’t “feel” faster, but if I was riding with the same effort as normal, or maybe a little more effort on the hills, and was in a taller gear than normal, that would translate to faster than normal…

When we got back after the ride, Aaron did ride the Stout around the parking lot, and was surprised about the acceleration that the Stout has when you mash on the pedals. It was good to hear someone else say that, because I knew there was some mechanical advantage of the longer cranks and larger wheels, but to actually feel the difference was pretty cool.

Later last night, after Aaron discovered he left his wallet and keys in my van, I rode over to his house, on my Specialized, and it felt really strange to me…

Oh…and here’s the “everytrail” from yesterday’s ride…

Rey & Aaron at EveryTrail
EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in Missouri

South Creek – Poo Trail

October 7th, 2010

Had to sneak in a quick ride yesterday afternoon. Was wound up and needed to get out. I had planned on doing a little riding down in Branson on Tuesday afternoon, but didn’t seem to make it down there.

Grabbed the Stout and ran over to the “Poo Trail”, as I tend to call it. It’s part of the South Creek Greenway, but this section is right by the South Springfield Wastewater Treatment plant. Rode up the big hill to the other side of it, then hooked it on out the dirt trail, then back to the van. Only 1.9 miles or so, but I attacked the climbs, etc, so I did work up a sweat.

The “off road” trail portion has recently been covered by mulch, which really sucks for riding on.

Anyway…here’s the “EveryTrail” for the ride.

South Creek – Poo plant at EveryTrail
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Frisco Highline – 10/2

October 3rd, 2010

Met up with Michael Brown and hit rode the Frisco Highline from Willard to Walnut Grove. Mike’s been unable to hit the woods with us, after tweakin’ his right shoulder, so we took this opportunity to get out and spin the cranks and get some fresh air!

I took the new ‘9er out for the ride, which was pretty fun. It was weird at times, when I felt that I wanted to grab another gear, tho. I did catch myself reach a couple of times for the shifter…old habits die hard!

We averaged about 9.8Mph, which isn’t far off of our normal pace on a ride like this, but I know that I pedalled WAY more than I normally would, as I typically will push the largest gear I can push on a ride like that.

Anyway…here’s the EveryTrail for the ride…

Frisco Highline – Willard to Walnut Grove at EveryTrail
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‘Niner Fever

September 27th, 2010

Ok…so, I finally caved. I’ve been seeing all the guys out riding their single speed 29er’s out at Sac River, and I’ve been Jonesing for one all summer. In addition, the last two weeks, I have ridden the old Giant Iguana, and have been having a blast with the challenge of riding with a rigid front fork.

There’s several really cool rigid 29er single speeds on the market, and the only one I have ever ridden was a little loop around the parking lot at Sac, on a Spot Brand bike that is worth more than my van!

Due to the fact that I am not made of money, I was looking for a decent “budget” 29er, too. After looking around and seeing what was available locally, I couldn’t find anything that I could comfortably fit into my budget. It left my choices to the Nashbar 29er and the SE Stout. Both had their pro’s and con’s, but I wound up going with the Stout. I really like the pic’s of the green woodgrain paint on the 2010.

My bike should be here in about a week and a half, so now the hardest part begins.

Here’s a stock pic from the SE web site (Ok, actually from JensonUSA’s site).

2010 SE Stout

Check out this color. It’s cool!

Green Woodgrain

Sept 25, 2010

September 25th, 2010

Picked up Aaron around 7:30, well…he wasn’t ready until closer to 7:45. Met up with Rey Collantes, a few minutes after 8, and Doug and Barrett got there around 8:30.

Did two separate rides. First was with the whole group, and the second was just Aaron, Rey and me. Mr. Brown is still on the DL, with his sore shoulder from an accident on last week’s ride.

Here’s the “EveryTrail” for the first ride.

Sac w doug, barrett, aaron & rey at EveryTrail
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And the one for the second ride.

Rey, Aaron & me at EveryTrail
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Recent rides…

September 18th, 2010

Been a little while since the last post. Since then, Doug,Barrett and I rode at Busiek and I drove to Bosssier City,LA and got in a short ride down there. Will add the “everytrail” posts when I get home.

Bodcau Mountain Bike Trail

EveryTrail – Find trail maps for Louisiana

Today, Mike Brown, Rey Collantes and I rode out at Sac River. The trail was pretty muddy. I decided to go old school and rode the ’89 Giant Iguana. That was fun. While there, we ran into Matthew Thomas, who joined us for a leg of the trail. He’s way beyond our abilities but graciously held back.

The ride was a good one, but I left the iphone in the van and didn’t “everytrail” it.

OFBG Ride, 9/4/2010 – 7:30am

September 3rd, 2010

Just getting around to posting the ride, after getting back home and making some waffles.

Had a great ride today, even though we were only out for a 4 miler. Due to the busy weekend schedule, time dictated that we be home by 10:30am.

It’s funny, every time I ride at Sac, I think the trail is a new experience. Last week, the dirt was powdery and loose. This week, quite a bit of mud and rock. Took a little while to get used to riding with the extra weight of the mud and rocks on the tires, the spinning the rear tire on climbs, hitting roots and sliding on them. Not that it was the first time, but just that we haven’t had to do that for so long…had to readjust from the riding style that we had grown into.

We ran into Ray, Chris and I didn’t catch her name, but I think it was Chris’s wife while we were there. I have known Ray for a while, but didn’t know he was into mountain biking. He’s now on my e-mail list!

Here’s the EveryTrail from our trip today.


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Heading out to the woods in the morning. Sent out an invite to the the OFBG and to the Branson Bicycle Club. Will be interesting to see who all decides to ride with us.

If you are visiting the site from the Branson Bicycle Club, thanks for stopping by!