March 22nd, 2010

“The Old Farts Bike Gang”, or OFBG is the result of a couple of us old farts, Michael Brown and me, deciding that we needed to do something to help improve our health.  Mike had ridden his bike over to my house, and I helped him with a few adjustments, and swapped his knobbies for a set of Kenda Flames that I had just bought.  Mickey was over at the house that night, and decided that he wanted to ride with us, too.  Mike’s wife, Karrie, is also in the gang, but I don’t want to call her an “old fart”.  That’s how the “Old Farts Bike Gang” began!

Other, younger, “old farts” that are in the gang include Ward McMillen and Jeff Hill.  I think that Brad Smith is getting ready to become one of the younger “old farts” too!