April 25 2010

April 25th, 2010

Hey everyone,  Mike here just wanted to drop a short post. Got the new Felt bike ordered hopefully it will be here Monday or Tuesday can’t wait. So we talk a lot about riding  at the Sac River and going to the Frisco but I wanted to let everyone know that now that things are slowing down and i got the new bike coming we will be doing a lot of riding. Karrie informed  me that she is now ready to start riding more and Carrie K. told me she would like to ride some. This is great because OFBG is all about fun. We ride two or three times a week on the green way trails here in town just check the site or Bret’s face book or call one of us will let you Know when and where. We are of the mind the more the better. We like to see lots of  Farts riding with us and we don’t care if there young or old  farts so come on out and (LETS RIDE !!!)

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