The Brothers-in-Law ride again!

November 21st, 2010

It’s been since Easter 2010 since I dragged Brandon, Barrett and Doug out for the first “Brothers-in-Law ride” (and nephew, too) Back in April, we attempted to ride Busiek. Was my first time to the east side of Busiek, and was the first time that Barrett and Brandon had ever ridden mountain bikes like that. Brandon learned about how effective front discs are.

This time, we headed out to White River Valley Trail, down in Branson. We didn’t know about that trail back in April! We got there in the early afternoon, and rode the blue loop. The trail was very nice, and much more enjoyable for everyone. Barrett rode way more of the trail, not walking over some of the tricky parts, and Brandon started developing a feel for flowing through the trail.

It was a great time. We would have ridden more, however, we had Doug and Lori’s 20th anniversary party, and since he was one of the guests of honor, we figured we needed to get back plenty early.

Oh…btw…this was the first ride that I had, testing my new tubeless setup on my 29er. Worked like a charm. No flats and they held air without burping any out the beads.

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