Hillbilly Tubeless…DONE!

November 17th, 2010

So, tonight, I finished up the “Hillbilly Tubeless” conversion (more commonly referred to as the “Ghetto Tubeless” conversion). Just like last night’s experience, I used the pipe tape for the front tire of my 29er, but this time I remembered a trick from last night that proved to be more helpful. SOAPY WATER on the beads to help them seat better!

So far, it seems to be holding pressure great!

Report on last nights work…

I didn’t follow the shake and seal method very well. The dang thing lost most of it’s pressure overnight, so this morning, I re-shook the sealant around the inside of the tire, put a little additional pressure in, and now it seems to be sealed tight. I may take it back off the bike, drop the pressure back down, and get a little soapy water on the beads and re-seat them again, just to make me feel a little more confident with the job.

I did have a little “weeping” of the sealant through the sidewalls on the back tire. That is a common thing with using “non tubeless” tires, as the sidewalls are thinner, and tend to be a bit porous, but I believe it all to be good.

Can’t wait to ride and try it out this weekend.

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