White River Valley Trail

November 1st, 2010

Hooked up with Doug, Barrett and Dovie last Saturday (Dovie’s birthday!) and went to the WRVT. Doug and Dovie opted not to ride the trail, but Barrett and I took off on the Blue loop. Since the morning didn’t work out quite as planned, we only had time for one loop, and I hadn’t ridden that section yet.

Barrett rode his “new to him” Cannondale, and I was on the Stout, with it’s new disc brakes. This was it’s maiden voyage with the new discs, and supposedly was the steepest section of the WRVT trail, too.

We took off and rode the blue trail CCW, as I heard that was the best way to go. It goes by a little quarry area that we used to rappel back when I was in college. I believe that the trail climbs around 350′, and then decends back down into the valley. I forgot to set my everytrail app on the phone until we reached the top, so I only have half the info.

Anyway…the trail is awesome. Barry and crew have done a great job on it, and I had a blast riding it on a singlespeed! Since getting my Stout, I have had more fun riding it than I have had in a LONG time. Singlespeed Rigid is a blast!

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