Stops on a dime and gives ya 9 cents change!

November 1st, 2010

Yeah, that’s what my Stout can do. Actually, it could do that before, too, but after having a bike with disc brakes, and not having to deal with wet rims and rim brakes, I decided to swap the brakes on my Stout.

I received a set of Avid BB7’s last Friday afternoon, with 185mm rotors. The ad showed the rotors as being Avid CleanSweep’s, but I received the Roundagons. My original intention was to swap a 160mm off the front of my Specialized and run 185’s on the front of it and my Stout, and 160’s on the back. Since these came as Roundagons…I just put them both on the Stout.

As for the brakes, I am very happy with them. They did squeal a little but they are still new, and I barely took any time adjusting on them before I left to ride. I was bummed to have to swap the brake cable housings (until I can find a longer set of brown ones), but the black housings that I had leftover from upgrading stuff on my Iguana worked just fine!

I’ll post a pic with the new brakes soon.

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