Singlespeed at Sac

October 10th, 2010

Yesterday, I met up with Aaron Wahlquist and Rey Collantes and rode the Sac River Trail. Since running into Rey out there a month or so ago, he’s joined us each week. This week was a little different tho, as I took my first trip at Sac on my new SE Racing “Stout” singlespeed.

I had been quite concerned, not knowing if I would be pushing more than peddling, since it is geared higher than what I am used to riding Sac at. I will have to say this…I only pushed twice…after I got stuck going up two hills. Both were simple “wrong line choice” issues that I know I can clear next time. The only other thing I missed was going up the ledge, I attacked just a little too soon, and ran out of pedal power at the wrong time, but that was a timing issue. I’ll nail that next time too!

I changed my riding style just a little, so I could attack the hills a little better, but Rey and Aaron both were giving me a hard time about me riding faster than normal. I have to admit, I didn’t “feel” faster, but if I was riding with the same effort as normal, or maybe a little more effort on the hills, and was in a taller gear than normal, that would translate to faster than normal…

When we got back after the ride, Aaron did ride the Stout around the parking lot, and was surprised about the acceleration that the Stout has when you mash on the pedals. It was good to hear someone else say that, because I knew there was some mechanical advantage of the longer cranks and larger wheels, but to actually feel the difference was pretty cool.

Later last night, after Aaron discovered he left his wallet and keys in my van, I rode over to his house, on my Specialized, and it felt really strange to me…

Oh…and here’s the “everytrail” from yesterday’s ride…

Rey & Aaron at EveryTrail
EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in Missouri

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