‘Niner Fever

September 27th, 2010

Ok…so, I finally caved. I’ve been seeing all the guys out riding their single speed 29er’s out at Sac River, and I’ve been Jonesing for one all summer. In addition, the last two weeks, I have ridden the old Giant Iguana, and have been having a blast with the challenge of riding with a rigid front fork.

There’s several really cool rigid 29er single speeds on the market, and the only one I have ever ridden was a little loop around the parking lot at Sac, on a Spot Brand bike that is worth more than my van!

Due to the fact that I am not made of money, I was looking for a decent “budget” 29er, too. After looking around and seeing what was available locally, I couldn’t find anything that I could comfortably fit into my budget. It left my choices to the Nashbar 29er and the SE Stout. Both had their pro’s and con’s, but I wound up going with the Stout. I really like the pic’s of the green woodgrain paint on the 2010.

My bike should be here in about a week and a half, so now the hardest part begins.

Here’s a stock pic from the SE web site (Ok, actually from JensonUSA’s site).

2010 SE Stout

Check out this color. It’s cool!

Green Woodgrain

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