OFBG Ride, 9/4/2010 – 7:30am

September 3rd, 2010

Just getting around to posting the ride, after getting back home and making some waffles.

Had a great ride today, even though we were only out for a 4 miler. Due to the busy weekend schedule, time dictated that we be home by 10:30am.

It’s funny, every time I ride at Sac, I think the trail is a new experience. Last week, the dirt was powdery and loose. This week, quite a bit of mud and rock. Took a little while to get used to riding with the extra weight of the mud and rocks on the tires, the spinning the rear tire on climbs, hitting roots and sliding on them. Not that it was the first time, but just that we haven’t had to do that for so long…had to readjust from the riding style that we had grown into.

We ran into Ray, Chris and I didn’t catch her name, but I think it was Chris’s wife while we were there. I have known Ray for a while, but didn’t know he was into mountain biking. He’s now on my e-mail list!

Here’s the EveryTrail from our trip today.


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Heading out to the woods in the morning. Sent out an invite to the the OFBG and to the Branson Bicycle Club. Will be interesting to see who all decides to ride with us.

If you are visiting the site from the Branson Bicycle Club, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Bryan Harvey says:

    Wish I would have know about this earlyer I would have rode with you. Make sure you send me a e-mail so I can ride with you next time

    Bryan Harvey (Presdent Branson Bike Clube)

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