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Holy cow…a new post! The “Bip Trip” Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

It’s been forever since I have been on a bike. I did one ride last summer that I never posted, and finally, my buddy Mark came to town and convinced me to do a ride on the White River Valley Trail system, in Branson.

I’m currently weighing in about 20lbs heavier than when I was riding all the time, so I was sucking air quite a bit. All my bikes had flat tires and dried out “tubeless sealant” in them, so I wound up opting to pull the tires off the Specialized and throw on the OEM tires, with tubes.

We started at the “Red Loop” trailhead, riding counter clockwise, and took the connector trail over to the blue loop. Because I’m a whimp, I let Mark ride the blue loop solo. He accidentally took a wrong turn and cut that loop in half, so I took him back over to it and we cut through the woods to hit the trail below the BIG climb, and I rode it back down to the “Blue Loop” trailhead. Knowing I wasn’t in shape, I opted to ride out on the road, but in a downshift, I threw the chain and got it stuck between the bottom bracket and the “granny gear”, so I had to push the rest of the way.

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Bip Trip

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